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Solfire CMI is a revolutionary company offering contract manufacturing services to industries that are seeking to reduce labor costs without sacrificing quality, delivery, and customer service.

 : We are committed in providing low cost labor solutions with full quality and engineering support without sacrificing on-time delivery.

We cater our contract services to light industrial stamping applications, assembly, and unique packaging.

Company History
Solfire Contract Manufacturing, Inc. is an Illinois - Minority Corporation. It was founded in September of 2008 with over 15 years of experience in die-cut cold stamping. In its 1st year anniversary, Solfire CMI completed its ISO milestone, and became ISO9001:2008 certified at the Cicero, IL. facility.  In 2011 Solfire was scouting new facilities in Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, and Indiana - as business expanded and the companies strive to contain overhead during its growing spurts.  The City of Fort Wayne, and State of Indiana embraced Solfire's economic opportunity and welcomed Solfire to the City of Fort Wayne in 2011.  In late 2012 Solfire consolidated its manufacturing operations to Fort Wayne IN., and in Q1 of 2013 officially attained is ISO9001-:2008 certification.     

Sales Force: Solfire CMI service the USA and Mexico, and can ship world wide. We can also drop ship from our location.

About Us
Solfire CMI: Solfire CMI has a facility with a flexible workforce with extensive experience in general assembly, light industrial stampings, and unique packaging. We offer various solutions for manufacturers who are seeking to reduce costs on small runs or items with with small margins.

Solfire CMI can procure and convert various substrates which include:

 Synthetic Mesh  Felt  Neoprene   Nylotron       EPDM
 Stainless Steel Mesh    Cork  Garlock  Nylon  Buna
 Membranes  Kraft Paper    Rulon   Teflon  Silicone
Solfire can provide value added services which include:

 Repack   Retail Packaging        Bar Code Labels   
 Custom Packaging            Kit Packaging                    Custom Labeling  
 Unitized Packaging          Bulk Pack   Drop Shipments  

Solfire can resell various substrates which include:

 Synthetic Mesh

 Kraft Paper



 Stainless Steel Mesh         

 Chip Board Paper          

 Rubber Cord         


Portfolio of Products Converted

     Bearing Seals, Housing Gaskets, Transmission Filters, Air Intake Filters, Lint Dryer Filters, Dish Washer Filters . . . 



Engineering/CAD Files Supported

Solfire supports the following files for quotation and production:  PDF, DXF, DWG, IGES, and STEP

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